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Conferences and Courses

Seventh Society and Information Technologies Encounter

Experience Design for the Web

In search of the lost customer


On november 13th and 14th, the Center for Web Research will host the seventh version of the Encuentro Sociedad y Tecnologias de Información, which is a yearly forum where Government, Corporate and University sectors gather to discuss the reach and impact of information technologies in our country.

This year, the Encuentro will be devoted to Experience Design for the Web. This event will be held in Santiago, Chile, and will be preceded by an Information Architect's Retreat in Santa Cruz, Colchagua.

NEW: Our official Website for this event is located at www.clienteperdido.cl/


The event will be divided into sequential tracks that will cover the following topics:

  • Banking: This session will present case studies and frameworks on how online banking has made use of experience design to make their customers happier.
  • Government: How governments have been adopting practices to make their services more effective and useful for their citizens.
  • Business: We'll explore how different types of business are improving their results thanks to experience design.
  • Blogs: We'll analyze how blogs have been changing the landscape of cyberspace and how these are changing our societies.


We'll be presenting the following speakers from several regions:




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