1st Latin American Web Congress
Santiago 2003
Empowering Our Web · November 10-12
Organized by the Center for Web Research,
Dept. of Computer Science, University of Chile
with the Sponsorship of IW3C2

Accepted Papers for Main Track

PaperID Title Authors
17 Multi-tier Architecture for Web Search Engines Knut Magne Risvik, Yngve Aasheim and Mathias Lidal
18 On the Evolution of Clusters of Near-Duplicate Web Pages Dennis Fetterly, Mark Manasse, and Marc Najork
20 A Utility-oriented Hyperlink Analysis Model for the Web Vassilis Plachouras, Iadh Ounis, Gianni Amati
27 Finding buying guides with a Web carnivore Reiner Kraft, Raymie Stata
34 Extracting Knowledge from Association, Aggregation and Composition Relationships to Navigational Models Manoli Albert, Vicente Pelechano, Joan Fons, Gonzalo Rojas, Oscar Pastor
37 Conceptual-Level Log Analysis for the Evaluation of Web Application Quality P. Fraternali, M. Matera, A. Maurino
38 Towards an Ontology for Software Metrics and Indicators as the Foundation for a Cataloging Web System Maria de los A. Martin , and Luis Olsina
39 A Semantic Web Approach for Matching Traders in B2B Systems Ricardo F. Tomaz, Sofiane Labidi and Bernardo Wanghon
40 Designing Collaborative Virtual Environments Based on Real Spaces to Promote Community Interaction Luis A. Guerrero, César A. Collazos, José A. Pino, Sergio F. Ochoa, Felipe Aguilera
42 Policy and state-based secure Wrapper architecture and its application to Mobile agents Alexander Binun and Ehud Gudes
44 The Best Trail Algorithm for Assisted Navigation of Web Sites Richard Wheeldon and Mark Levene
45 Using association rules to discover related queries on search engines Bruno M. Fonseca, Paulo B. Golgher, Edleno S. de Moura, Nivio Ziviani
49 Quantitative Analysis of Strategies for Streaming Media Distribution M. Vasconcelos, L. Rocha, J.Santos, J. Ismael Jr., L. Mata, J. Almeida, W. Meira Jr., V. Almeida
51 Evolution of the Web Structure Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Barbara Poblete
55 On the Image Content of the Web in Chile A. Jaimes, J. Ruiz-del-Solar, R. Verschae, D. Yaksic, Ricardo Baeza-Yates, E. Davis, C. Castillo
56 Storing RDF as a Graph Valerie Boenstroem, Annika Hinze, Heinz Schweppe
57 Application Modeling for The Semantic Web Fernanda Lima, Daniel Schwabe
58 Estimating the Development Effort of Web Projects in Chile Sergio F. Ochoa, Cecilia Bastarrica, Germán Parra
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