1st Latin American Web Congress
Santiago 2003
Empowering Our Web · November 10-12
Organized by the Center for Web Research,
Dept. of Computer Science, University of Chile
with the Sponsorship of IW3C2

Accepted Papers for Poster Track

PaperID Title Authors
22 Cooperation schemes between a Web server and a Web search engine Carlos Castillo
48 WISDNA: An Information Visualization Paradigm for XML Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Ricardo Lemus, Dulce Ponceleon, Savitha Srinivasan
52 Towards an information filtering system in the Web integrating collaborative José de J. Pérez-Alcázar and Maritza L. Calderón-Benavides and Cristina N. González-Caro
61 Clustering the Chilean Web Satu Virtanen
63 Cooperative Crawling Marina Buzzi
65 Structuring information on the Web from below: The case of Educational Organizations in Chile Ernesto Krsulovic-Morales, Claudio Gutierrez
66 Finding Related Hubs and Authorities Paul-Alexandru Chirita, Daniel Olmedilla and Wolfgang Nejdl
67 Methodological Aspects in designing Web-based Collaborative Systems José A. Aravena Reyes and Mauricio L. Aguilar Molina
68 SharpSpider: Spidering the Web through Web Services Marco A. Palomino
71 Alternative implementation techniques for Web text visualization Omar Alonso and RIcardo Baeza-Yates
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