1st Latin American Web Congress
Santiago 2003
Empowering Our Web · November 10-12
Organized by the Center for Web Research,
Dept. of Computer Science, University of Chile
with the Sponsorship of IW3C2

Alternate Tracks

Alternate tracks include a combination of peer-reviewed papers and
invited presentations. Topics include:

  • Education (Area 12)
  • Global Community (Area 13)
  • Practice & Experience (Area 14)
  • Web Services (Area 15)
  • Networks and distributed systems (Area 16)

Proceedings will be published by IEEE-CS (also the alternate track papers and posters written in English will be published by IEEE-CS). Posters and alternate track papers written in Spanish or Portuguese will be only included in the Congress CD.

Authors must download the IEEE-CS Author's Kit

Inquiries can be sent to

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Alternate Tracks Co-Chairs:

José Miguel Piquer, CWR/DCC/Universidad de Chile
Nivio Ziviani, DCC, Univ. Federal of Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Alternate Tracks Programme Committee

Denis Caromel, INRIA, France
Ulises Cortes, UPC, Spain
Cristina Duarte Murta, UFPR, Brazil
Dorgival Guedes, UFMG, Brazil
Claudio Gutierrez, UChile, Chile
Pedro Hepp, UFRO, Chile
Carlos Hurtado, UChile, Chile
Alberto H. F. Laender, UFMG, Brazil
Antonio Alfredo F. Loureiro, UFMG, Brazil
Marisa Lucena, PUC-Rio, Brazil
Alberto Nogueira de Castro Jr., UFAM, Brazil
Maria da Graca Pimentel, USP-SC, Brazil
Jaime Sanchez, UChile, Chile
Luis Sanchez, U Carlos III, Spain
Altigran Soares da Silva, UFAM, Brazil
Crediné Silva de Menezes, UFES, Brazil
Edleno Silva de Moura, UFAM, Brazil
Orivaldo de Lira Tavares, UFES, Brazil
Rosa Maria Vicari, UFRGS, Brazil
Hans Weghorn, University of Cooperative Education, Germany
Wong Hao Chi, UFMG, Brazil

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