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The Conference will take place in the Gorbea Auditorium at the Third floor of Escuela de Ingeniería, Universidad de Chile. Av. Beaucheff #850, Santiago.

Santiago de Chile. Santiago is a 6 million people Metropolis surrounded by mountains and full of cultural activities and nightlife. Downtown Santiago has a mix of historical buildings and modern crystal towers, some of its historical highlights include La Moneda, the mint house which functions as the Palace of Government, which citizens and visitors can walk through. On privileged clean-air days, you can ascend the Metropolitan Park at Cerro San Cristóbal for a great overview of the city and its surroundings.

Santiago is also only one hour apart from the coast and the mountains, serving as a great base camp for short trips from the city. Valparaiso and Cajon del Maipo are some typical examples of these trips. Accommodation in Santiago is broad and wide, you choose from luxurious 5 star hotels to warm B&Bs.

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You can find the common tourist advice on tourism websites like Contact Chile, on their site, you can find information on things such as:

You can find a huge list of hotels in Santiago on chile-hotels. Also, Hotels in Santiago from Yahoo! Travel.

We've collected this list of hotels for reasonable prices (US$ 60-90 per night) in the main areas of the city:

Economy Hotel


A good friend of ours once stayed at Marilu's B&B and thoroughly enjoyed it, but unfortunately we don't have any other B&B's to recommend. Near Metro Salvador.

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Santiago Landmarks and Museums

Palacio de La Moneda

Relted: walking tour of Downtown Santiago.

Contrasting Architecture in Downtown Santiago


You can find all kinds of food in Santiago, it is growing each year more cosmopolitan in terms of food. Here are some of the major restaurant clusters:

Estacion Mapocho


The subway is one of the city’s prides. Fast, clean and efficient, its tracks have grown these last years to currently span most of the city. Some of its stations have notable architecture, and on Line 1, most stations have been decorated with local art. See Wikipedia and Flickr.

Of special note

Short trips from Santiago

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