Trends in Online Social Interactions


Non-professional creation of public online content has
outstripped professional content creation of all forms, both online and
offline.  However, two orders of magnitude more content are created
daily to flow through social networks, with as much as two more orders
of magnitude still to come as user engagement increases.  At the same
time, content is diversifying in creation, consumption, and nature.  In
this talk, I'll cover these trends and their implications.  I'll present
some research results regarding online communities, and will close with
some challenges for the future.

Short Bio

Andrew Tomkins is VP of Search Research at Yahoo! Research, where his
interests include web search, web analysis, and online communities.
Andrew has been with Yahoo! since 2005.  Prior to that, he spent 8
years at IBM's Almaden Research Center, where he managed the
information management principles group and served as Chief Scientist
of the WebFountain project.  He has published over eighty technical
papers, including two best papers at the WWW conference, and serves on
various program committees and editorial boards.  Andrew received his
PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University in 1997.