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SPIRE 2007 is a Symposium on String Processing and Information Retrieval in its fourteenth edition. SPIRE has its origins in the South American Workshop on String Processing which was first held in Belo Horizonte (Brazil, 1993). Starting in 1998, the focus of the workshop was broadened to include information retrieval due to its increasing relevance and its inter-relationship with the area of string processing. In addition, since 2000, the conference venue has been in Europe in even years. The last conferences have been in Padova (Italy), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Glasgow (UK). As in past editions, the proceedings of SPIRE 2007 will be published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.

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The Conference will take place in the Gorbea Auditorium at the Third floor of Escuela de Ingeniería, Universidad de Chile. Av. Beaucheff #850, Santiago.

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General Chair: Ricardo Baeza-Yates
Program Committee Chair: Nivio Ziviani


SPIRE 2007 Proceedings now available for Pre-order from Sringer, contents also available per paper.

Invited Talks

Measures of Measurements: Robust Evaluation of Search Systems by Justin Zobel, NICTA Melbourne, Australia

Trends in Online Social Interactions by Andrew Tomkins, Yahoo! Research, USA

Near Space-Optimal Perfect Hashing Algorithms, by Nivio Ziviani, UFMG, Brazil.

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In order to participate on SPIRE or LA-WEB it is necessary to register yourself. Please visit the registration section to check the instructions.

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Camera ready Submission Instructions

The camera ready version of the accepted papers is due to July 8th, 2007. Please follow carefully the Camera Ready submission instructions.

Accepted Papers

The Program Committee has resolved and we're in conditions to announce the list of accepted papers.


SPIRE 2007 covers research in all aspects of string processing, information retrieval, computational biology, pattern matching, semi-structured data, and related applications.

Typical topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

String Processing: dictionary algorithms, text searching, pattern matching, text compression, text mining, natural language processing, and automata based string processing.

Information Retrieval (IR): IR modelling, indexing, ranking and filtering, interface design, visualization, cross-lingual IR systems, multimedia IR, digital libraries, collaborative retrieval, and Web related applications.

Interaction of biology and computation: DNA sequencing and applications in molecular biology, evolution and phylogenetics, recognition of genes and regulatory elements, and sequence driven protein structure prediction.

Information Retrieval languages and applications: XML, SGML, information retrieval from semi-structured data, text mining, and generation of structured data from text.

The proceedings of SPIRE 2007 will be published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), by Springer.